Taxi – Granada

The taxis from Pomegranate They are easily recognizable by being white with a diagonal green stripe on the front door. Everyone has to take a meter, and the rates in sight.

Granada taxi stop

It offers a service of Eurotaxis (adapted to people with wheelchairs) that must be requested from Tele-Radio-Taxi-Granada: 958 280 654.

Photo: Bryce Edwards

Photo: Bryce Edwards

To hire a car you can call the companies that provide service are:
Tele-Radio-Taxi-Granada: 958 280 654
Radio taxi: 958 132 323
Servi Taxi: 958 400 199

Granada taxi

The tariffs in force they are, for the rate from 7 to 22 hours and from Monday to Friday of € 1.38 the descent of the flag and € 0.75 per kilometer traveled, with a minimum run of € 3.64. The remaining schedule will be € 1.73 for the flag drop and € 0.94 per kilometer traveled, with a minimum run of € 4.54. On holidays, the nightly rate is increased by 25%.
The service to and from The Alhambra It has special rates of € 3.76 for the day and € 4.74 for the night. If you travel to Sierra Nevada and there is snow they will charge you a supplement of € 10.

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