Taxi – Huelva

The taxis from the city of Huelva They are an excellent way to get around the area since they are the cheapest in Andalusia and are probably among the cheapest in Spain.

Huelva taxi

Are from white color and have two blue stripes with a luminous sign on the ceiling that indicates if they are occupied. You can stop them in the street, get on the stops or call them by phone. The city has 3 Eurotaxi units for people with movement difficulties, request it well in advance.

Servitaxi: 959 251 600 and 959 251 500.
Teletaxi: 959 250 022 and 959 261 313.


The flag down rates are € 1.35 and € 1.57, per kilometer traveled € 0.70 and € 0.88, and the minimum run of € 3.19 and € 3.88, for daytime service and night, respectively.


If you prefer, the City Council and the Teletaxi company propose a service of “Tourist Taxi”. It consists of two different itineraries through the most emblematic sites of the city with an hour duration that must be previously hired by phone.

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