Taxi – Lisbon

The Lisbon taxis They are cream colored and carry a taxi sign on the roof. They provide reasonable service and are quite numerous. You can find them on the street, at special stations or call them at a company taxi service.

The tariffs from cab They start at 3.25 euros, the taximeter will mark the rest (0.5 euros every 162 meters and 20% more between 22:00 and 06:00). It is an obligation that drivers have one and turn it on when starting the journey.

The main companies of cab They are:

There are generally no problems with taxis, but if you feel that you have been overcharged you can ask for an invoice, write down the license plate number and take it to the tourist police (Praça dos Restauradores, Palácio Foz with telephone number 21 342 16). What you can also do is buy a taxi voucher at the Airport or at the tourism center in Praça do Comércio. There are several options such as vouchers to the city center or from cab for the whole day. For more information see the tourism website of Lisbon:

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