Taxi – Lugo

The city of Lugo can be traversed in cab very simply. You just have to approach one of the stops found in the busiest places in the city, such as the City Hall, the Bus Station, the Ferrol Square (tel .: 982-241-880) and the Plaza de Santo Domingo (tel .: 982-228-315 ). You can permanently request a taxi at Radio taxi, phone 982-224-504.

In the city they govern three tariff sections:
• The rate 1, between 7 and 0 hours on weekdays, with flag down to € 1.76 and € 0.90 per kilometer traveled.
• The rate 2, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, the descent of the flag to € 2.31 and € 0.94 per kilometer traveled.
• The night service, every day between 0 and 7 hours, for the descent of the flag are € 2.45 and per kilometer € 1.34.

In all cases, the supplement per package transported and per departure from the stations is € 0.52. There is no minimum price per race in the city.

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