Taxi – Pamplona

The taxis in Pamplona they are a good option if you go far, since the circulation in the center of Pamplona – especially during sanfermines – can be difficult. You will recognize the taxis for the white color, and the stripes of different shades of green on the passenger doors.

In Pamplona you don’t usually stop at taxis on the street, it is normal to take them at their stops or call 948232300. The list of stops by zone it is the following:


  • C / Duke of Smoked.
  • Inside the bus station.
  • C / Yanguas y Miranda (bus station).
  • C / Amaya (between Baja Navarra and Teobaldos).
  • Conde Rodezno Square with Carlos III.
  • C / Navas de Tolosa (in front of 19).
  • C / Bergamin, 6.
  • Pza. Link.

Saint George:

  • Renfe station.


  • Virgen del Camino Hospital (main door).
  • Navarra Hospital (main door).
  • University Clinic


  • C / Esquíroz with Iturrama.
  • C / Iñigo Arista with Iturrama.


  • C / San Cristóbal with Aznárez.

San Juan:

  • C / Monasterio de la Oliva (next to the Reverends Disco).
  • Barañáin Avenue, 17.
  • C / San Roque s / n (in front of the Palace of Justice).


  • C / Artica, 7-9 (next to the Rochapea Health Center).


  • C / Palace.


  • C / Catalonia with Tajon

The tariffs They are official and are measured with a meter, so you cannot haggle. Two exists tariff zones: zone A (urban) that groups Pamplona and the nearest villages and zone B (Interurban). There are 3 types of rates:

Rate 1 (between 06:00 and 22:00 in the area):

  • Flag download: 1,944 euros.
  • One km traveled: 0.750 euros.
  • One hour of waiting: 16,896 euros.

Rate 2(between 06:00 and 22:00 in zone B and during the weekend and holidays in zone A):

  • Flag down: 2,800 euros.
  • One km traveled: 0.975 euros.
  • One hour of waiting: 21,320 euros.

Rate 3(Weekend, holiday and night service during the period – between 10:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. – in zone B):

  • Flag down: 3,281 euros.
  • One Km. Route: 1,213 euros.

  • One hour of waiting: 26,521 euros.

Prices increase when they are services with telephone consultation:

  • Rate 1: 0.93 euros.
  • Rate 2: 1.54 euros.
  • Rate 3: 2.06 euros.

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