Taxi – Paris

In other cities, taxis have characteristic colors, but that does not happen in Paris, here they are distinguished from normal cars because they carry a sign that identifies them, they go on the roof of the vehicle. We do not recommend traveling around the city by taxi for two reasons.

Paris taxi

First they are very expensive, approximately they cost 50% more than they cost in Spanish cities. Its minimum price for a race is 5.20 euros.
And the second is that there are not many taxis, that is why there are hours at night when it is almost impossible to take one, even if you call a taxi company, you can wait up to two hours to pass by.

To be sure to take a certified taxi, always make sure you meet these conditions.

Luminous sign on the ceiling, that says “Parisien taxi
Taximeter which indicates the price of the race
Parking meter behind the vehicle, it can be seen from outside, it serves to control the duration of use of the vehicle during the day
License plate on the right front side of the vehicle with the license number.

Paris taxi roof sign

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