Taxi – Prague

The taxis from Prague They should only be used in exceptional cases. They are known for overloading the tariffs to tourists and take advantage of the fact that they do not speak Czech. Therefore, if you really need a cab It is recommended that they be private companies. These not only give you more guarantees – although not too many – but they are even somewhat cheaper than taxis of the street.

The main private companies of cab in Prague They are as follows:

Prague airport taxi & transfers (
Praha taxi

PAT Taxi (http://www.abú
City taxi (
AAA Radiotaxi (

The tariffs They are calculated per kilometer and there is a surcharge for the waiting time. All the taxis Officially licensed must have a taximeter. If the driver refuses to turn it on, it is better to search another cab.

Despite the efforts of the Municipal Council to avoid tourist scams, this is still a problem. The most frequent scams occur between train or airport stops and hotels.

If you are forced to take one, insist that you keep the meter on and give you an invoice when you arrive at your destination. This must include the taxi driver’s name, address and identification number. This does not prevent you from adultering your taximeter, but it gives you the option of accusing the police. Anyway, avoid taking a cab before any suspicion, however small.

Finally, due to a vacuum in the city’s legislation, the possibility has been opened for any taxi company to rent the bus stops. cab In the city center. These are the best known for scamming tourists. The most infamous is “AAA taxi” (not to be confused with AAA Radiotaxi), which is known for not serving the Czechs and concentrating on tourists.

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