Taxi – Rio de Janeiro

The taxis A city can say a lot about how you live in that place. In Rio de Janeiro This idea applies perfectly. The Taxis in Rio de Janeiro abound. They are everywhere and are always willing to help tourists find their destination.

Taxis in Rio de Janeiro

All have air conditioning because the heat can become truly intense.

They can usually be easily found on the outskirts of sights and of the tourist hotels.

Prices are relatively rational as long as they are divided between two or three people. Otherwise, if you travel alone, it can be expensive. In this regard we advise the tourist not to travel with many jewels or to wear a fine watch, Unofficial taxis are not so safe and it is better to avoid them.

Taxis in Brazil

There are also so-called radiotaxis They pick up the person from the place where he is and if necessary wait for the client until he finishes the management he has to do, however, the cost is very high.

The official taxis They have a meter while unofficials usually agree on the cost of the service previously with the passenger.

Something to take into account is that traffic in Rio de Janeiro is chaotic. There are many cars and the streets are somewhat narrow. In addition there is a regulation that limits cars to turn only on certain streets, so if someone makes a mistake and does not turn at the right time it may take a long time to resume their path.

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