Taxi – Stockholm

The taxis from Stockholm They have gone through a deregulation process that has made them more numerous, but having not subsidized prices have risen. Calculate pay about 100 crowns (10 euros) for 5 minutes of travel.

Stockholm taxi

You can get taxis on the street, but it is better to call a company because they tend to be more honest and accept payment with credit card. The main ones are: Cab Stockholm, Cab Kuric and Cab 020. Try to call all to compare prices or get an estimate.

Stockholm Avenue

The taxis Authorized have yellow plates. It is not recommended to use the taxis unofficial called “svarttaxi” (or “black taxi”). While they are easy to get at night, there are no guarantees for your safety.

most of taxis they have prices agreed for the journey from the center of Stockholm to the Airport. This ranges from 450 to 500 Swedish kronor (about 45 to 50 euros). Anyway, the driver will be open to negotiations.

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