Taxi – Tokyo

In Tokyo the number of taxis is very high and taxi drivers are very professional. However, this service has points against such as being an expensive transport and where it is difficult to indicate the routes or the place where we want to go (most taxi drivers do not speak English). This can be solved by writing the address in Japanese or indicating the destination on the map.

Although each company sets its prices we can mention that the average is 6.40 euros for the first two kilometers, 0.82 euros for each additional 288 meters and 0.95 euros for every 105 seconds on hold. For example, to go for the Tokyo downtown We will pay between 8 and 14 euros. At night prices increase by 20 percent.

Taxis have their company logo on the roof of the car and carry bright signs: red (free taxi), yellow (busy) and green (nightly rate). After 1 a.m. it will be difficult for you to find taxis so demand increases as there are no buses and trains available.

If you prefer not to have complications with the language you can book a taxi by phone (companies have operators in English), this service has a minimum price of 12 euros and one of the most popular companies is Nihon Kotsu (tel: (03) 5755 2336).

Another more luxurious option is rent a limousine to move from the airport, go to the city, shopping or others. The minimum price for 8 hours is 280 euros.

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