Taxi – Venice

The taxi service of Venice It is almost exclusively aquatic. The terrestrial they only stop at Rome Square To go to the mainland.

The Consorzio Motoscafi Venezia Manage a fleet of excellent fast yachts. If you want to move in a water taxi you must think that they are like limousines in cities: a luxury. They are fast and comfortable, with luxury finishes.

A race between Plaza Roma and the center can be at € 75, depending on the number of passengers. If you request them by phone at +39 041 522 2303, you will pay an additional fee, and if you move away from the center the rate goes up to € 20-30 They have the obligation to expose the rates in the taxi and the stop, and take a meter.

It can be an option for high-speed occasions or when traveling in a group and expenses are divided.
There are stops at the most important points. You will recognize the officers by the yellow sign with the license in the window.

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