Taxi – Vienna

The taxis in Vienna They are a good option if you want to avoid public transportation. They are only recognizable by the yellow sign of cab in the roof.

Vienna is one of the few cities where taxis will not stop if you call them on the street. You can find them in positions of cab («Taxistandplätze») around the city, usually close to the city’s public transport stops or at trafficked intersections. You can also call them from where you are staying, but this brings surcharges. The main companies are:

When entering the taxi make sure the driver turns on the meter. The rate starts at 2.50 euros with an extra 1.20 per kilometer. Prices are higher between 23:00 and 06:00, and a surcharge of one euro is applied for extra luggage. The route between the center of Vienna and the airport usually has a cost of 40 euros. It is common to give 10% of the tip fee. Most do not accept credit cards and invoices can be requested.

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