Taxis – Melbourne

To move comfortably there is an efficient system of taxis. The cars are yellow and abound in its streets. In the city you will find Secure terminals of taxis, have been established throughout Melbourne to provide security to passersby. Taxi drivers will take you to your destination late at night, if necessary, at fair rates.

Melbourne Taxi Terminal

There are four stops of these secure terminals:
Block 55 of the king street

Station Flinder Streets, swanston street
Block 50 of the bourke street (near Spring Street)
Block 190 of the Bourk Streete (near Russell Street)

Yellow taxi

At each stop you will find a police officer, with his characteristic uniform. Is zone is monitored with cameras of security. For more confidence you will find them on weekends, Fridays from eleven at night until five in the morning on Saturday. And on Saturdays from eleven at night until five in the morning. They also provide their services during the New Year and the Melbourne Grand Prix.

Melbourne night service

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