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The taxis abound in Sydney, really due to traffic it is not advisable to travel this route, but if you decide to do so keep in mind that you will find them on the streets, at the exit of some tourist attractions or the most important hotels. There are also safer stops at the bus stops. Circular Quay, Wynyard Station Y Town Hall Station.

Sydney taxi

This medium is usually very expensive, we recommend it especially in the evenings, when the section to travel is a bit long to go on foot. Generally a travel to or from Circular Quay has a cost of 25 to 35 Australian dollars, while to or from the Central Station, 20 to 30 dollars. When you take a taxi, keep in mind that the average per square kilometer is 1.6 dollars. At night the service increases by 20%. While taxi drivers do not expect tips, it is normal for them to round their total figures.

Cab Sydney

You can also request the telephone service, the rate is similar, $ 1.40 per square kilometer. Some of the most important taxi companies are:

Arrow Taxis, your phone number is: 13 22 11
Legion, you can request a taxi by calling 13 14 51
Premier Cabs has the phone: 13 10 17
Combined Taxis Call: 8332 8888 and request a taxi.

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