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The Arc de Triomphe in Paris

It is currently in the Charles de Gaulle Square, from which you will find 12 avenues, which are 12 options to know the best places of Paris.

the triumphal arch of paris

Its construction was due to the arrival of Napoleon after winning the battle of Austerlitz. He wanted that arc to always receive him triumphantly, but he died before the project was completed.

arch of Triumph

This work was initiated by the architect Jean-Francois Chalgrin, but it was completed in 1836 under the responsibility of Goust and Huyot. Arch of Triumph It has 50 meters high and 45 meters wide, each of its pillars are completely made in relief.

the side triumphal arch

The entire arch is a monument to the heroes killed in battle, because on the outside of it are the names of all the military who participated in all the battles following Napoleon. And on the inside of the arch are the names of all French generals.

Paris triumphal arch

The Museum which is located inside the Arc de Triomphe, reveals the history of its construction; You can also go to the top of the arch and enjoy a wonderful view.
A sample of the Arc de Triomphe from the outside.

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