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The Belize Hymn

The national anthem of Belize written by Samuel Alfred Haynes. It was composed by Selwyn Walford Ypung in 1963. But only in 1981 was it taken as the national anthem of Belize.

His lyrics evoke his beautiful landscapes and moments of his history like that of slavery. It is written in English, the official language, but today most of the inhabitants use Spanish, due to the large number of mestizos and Central American migrants. Other languages ​​that are also spoken throughout the country are Creole, Garifuna, Hindi, Maya Ketchi, Maya Mopán, Maya Yucateco, German and Chinese.

This is a fragment of the hymn:

“Free country of the Caribbean Sea,
We promise our courage to your freedom!
No tyrant here lags behind,
despots must flee from this quiet refuge from democracy.
The blood of our parents, which sanctifies the ground,
brought freedom from the bar of oppression of slavery,
by the force of truth and the grace of God.
We will no longer be wood farmers.

Present, the children of the Bahiano clan!
Put on your armor, clean the homeland!
Push back tyrants, let despots flee!
Country of the free by the Caribbean Sea! ”

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