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The best beaches in Spain: Espigón de Huelva beach

Espigón Beach is located in Huelva (Andalusia) and its more than two thousand five hundred meters in length, are located within one of the natural sites of Spain that are considered as a Unesco Biosphere Reserve: Marismas del Odiel.

Espigón de Huelva beach

Since we arrive near the area of ​​Playa de Espigón we will notice that it is formed around a dune ecosystem that although adverse, since the soil is sandy and with a high level of salinity, it is a beach of blue and crystalline waters and golden fine sand , which is considered one of the best in Spain.

The beach

Espigón Beach can be visited by tourists and has bathing areas, however, we must indicate that it has areas marked as limited access and that it does not have buildings around so we can not find accommodation and hotel services.

the beach of Espigón de Huelva

As it is located within a protected area, this beach does not have many services, for example, we will not find parking, toilets, hammock or chair rental or surveillance, although, if we will find properly marked access, wastebaskets and rescue. Due to its isolated location, it is recommended to arrive by car or bus.

Spearfishing and other sports

Espigón Beach

Espigón de Huelva Beach is not only a recommended destination for those looking to enjoy the beach and its moderate swell, it is also for sports enthusiasts and aquatic activities. On this beach we can practice underwater fishing, rocfishing, surfcasting and any other type of fishing.

It is also ideal for kiteSurt practitioners, also called kiteboarding, or flysurfing, and it consists of a sport where a traction kite is used to slide on the water using a board or ski designed for this practice. If we are more fond of extreme sports we can practice maneuvers and jumps in what is called freestyle.

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