The best beaches in Spain: Lariño

If we are looking for a perfect beach to disconnect and relax, we can opt for Lariño beach. This rustic low occupancy beach awaits us with almost two thousand meters of coastline and a nice fine white sand.

The beach

This beach that is characterized by its moderate winds and strong waves, is located in the middle of Santiago de Compostela and Finisterre and, although it is ideal to enjoy a moment of tranquility since it does not have large buildings around, the truth is that it is also a destination chosen by fans of water sports such as surfing.

Lariño beach

Its extension is divided into two zones. The first is the sandy area of ​​almost two kilometers and the second is made up of a series of sand coves.

How to get

We can reach Playa Lariño on foot, by car and by bus, from Carnot on the C-550 to locate the detour indicator that will signal us to head right for an approximate eleven kilometers.

Lariño beach

If we are in another point of the city, it is important to indicate that the distance to the beach from Vigo is 147 kilometers, from Santiago de Compostela is 86 kilometers and from Lugo it is 193 kilometers.

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