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The best free APPS to get around: Barcelona

Barcelona It is one of the most visited cities in Spain because it has attractions for everything type of traveler. Museums, exhibitions, monuments, cultural events, leisure activities, among others, are some of the activities that we can do, therefore, if we are in Barcelona and we look for tourist information we can know how to move around the city thanks to the following free apps:

Barcelona: DK Top 10. This application compatible with iPod and iPhone will guide us in our visit to Barcelona whether we need information on the main tourist attractions that we can visit, the best qualified restaurants, fashion stores and everything that should be inside of our top 10. It also has a list of ten activities that we should not do. This application in its complete edition has a cost of 3 euros.

BCN Cultural This application will detail all the cultural and educational activities that we can do in Barcelona, ​​including a guide of activities for children and those attractions that allow us free admission.

BCN Visual. Ideal application for all those who visit Barcelona for the first time since it offers us a complete guide of the historical walks that we can make through the city and a gallery of photographic archives.

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