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The best free APPs to get around Berlin

The Germany’s capital It’s one of the most visited destinations in Europe for the amount of historical, cultural and leisure destinations it offers. If we are going to travel to this destination it is ideal to have a travel guide, something that we can have on hand if we use technology and use one or more of the Free apps to get around Berlin.

Tripwolf In its edition for Berlin, it will not only tell us which routes to follow to reach the main tourist attractions or will allow us to have access to the city maps and means of transport, but will allow us to create our itinerary and will indicate the best routes to follow.

Unlike. In Berlin at night without knowing what leisure offers you can find? With the Unlike application we will not have this problem anymore since it will tell us what are the best plans of the city through an updated guide of restaurants, cocktail bars, museums, exhibitions, concerts, etc.

Öffi Public Transport Buddy. Ideal to move around Berlin without running the risk of getting lost. This application available for Android nod will deliver all the maps of the city (online and offline) indicating the itineraries, stations and others, to make use of the services of U-Bahn, S-Bahn, buses, metro, tram and trains Regional

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