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The best free APPs to get around Brussels

If we are in Brussels we can mobilize by bus, tram and subway. The subway being recommended as it is the least expensive transportation system and has lines that link all the neighborhoods of the city. How to know what the subway schedules are? What is the closest station to our location? This information can be obtained from the best free apps to get around Brussels:

Tripwolf Brussels. Ideal guide to mobilize in Brussels saving time and without getting lost since it places us on the city map both online and offline, proposing the ideal means of transport taking into account our location and destination.

Brussels Metro. This application will provide us with information on all metro lines, the closest according to our location, itineraries, schedule changes, alternate routes, etc. In addition, if we do not want to be guided by the suggestions according to our location we can choose to view the complete list of stations by line or name.

Brussels guide. If we are going to download applications such as how to mobilize, it is not enough to download a tourist guide. With the Brussels Guide we can have on hand information about all the essential tourist attractions to visit, organize our trip with a series of proposed itineraries that have interactive maps and know distance from our location to the recommended destinations through GPS.

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