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The best free APPS to get around Buenos Aires

For mobilize in Buenos Aires We will have various means of transport: buses, long-distance buses, subways, trains, taxis, among others. If we are going to travel to this city and we are not yet familiar with these services, it is ideal that we have on our smartphone one of the free apps to get around Buenos Aires that are available for various mobile operating systems.

Transit Status This application is free for all operating systems and will help us to know the state of traffic in the Argentine capital. We will have access to data such as the hours of increased traffic, alternate routes, as well as being able to be notified when there is traffic jam on any avenue.

Collective With this app we can consult all the routes and itineraries of the trains, subways and buses of Buenos Aires. The system will locate us by GPS and we can locate the nearest stations. This application is free and available for all devices with Android operating system.

Bondis Complete guide of the groups in Buenos Aires that will give us information to know the routes, distance between origin-destination, the itinerary of the more than two hundred lines and the more than one thousand five hundred routes, we will locate the best route to choose according to the service of our location on the map by GPS, etc.

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