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The best free APPS to get around: Los Angeles

If we travel to the Los Angeles city we can use to mobilize through its diverse streets transport like the subway, the bus and the light rail. All of them part of a complex system of networks and highways that we can decipher thanks to a series of free apps that you show us how to mobilize optimally by The Angels according to our location and time availability. Within the best free apps to get around Los Angeles, we have:

Tripwolf guide. This guide developed for iPhone allows us to have all the route maps of the city, whether transport or the street guide, having the option to consult the guides at any time since the maps have offline access. Tripwolf has five languages ​​available and, apart from the routes, provides tourist information and travel advice.

Hopstop This free application will only need us to indicate the exact address of our location to indicate how to get around the city detailing the way in each of the public transportation options available.

If we travel by taxi, it will allow us to calculate an approximate price of the fare and travel time, as well as information about the companies that provide this service.

AroundMe If we are walking through New York and do not know which route to go to get a hospital, restaurant, bar, theater, museum, ATM, and others, we will only need to open the AroundMe application and locate the service closest to our location.

Mopedi Places New York City. Although it is not a specialized guide on routes to mobilize, it is a guide that will give us information about the location of the main tourist attractions of the city, and a map guide that we can access offline.

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