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The best free APPS to get around: Madrid

Madrid It is an intercommunicated city that allows us to mobilize through different modes of transport such as train, suburban, subway, bus and others. However, if we travel to the Spanish capital for the first time, it is feasible for us to find ourselves on routes, schedules, connections, etc.

If we have a smart phone, electronic tablet or a last generation device, we can download one of the free apps available to guide us on how to move around Madrid, among them we have:

Madrid Metro | Bus | Outskirts of Greenlion Soft. Considered one of the essential applications for tourists and locals, Madrid Metro | Bus | Suburban It gives us information about the stops of these means of transport, the route that we can follow on foot to reach them, a route calculator, geographical maps and plans, and the schedules and rates of each service.

Metro of Madrid. Another specialized free application. In this case Metro of Madrid It allows us to have direct access to the metro map and we will only have to click on some of the stops to receive all the information about it. In addition, we can request information about which fast route we can follow according to our location and destination.

Bus Madrid. Application dedicated to provide routes, schedules, stops and other urban buses (including special lines and owls).

EMT Madrid. In addition to being free, this application is official as it is a service provided by the Municipal Transport Company of Madrid. With EMT Madrid We will have access to the routes made by the lines, stops, schedules, location schemes, a couple of maps ideal for tourists and all related to our location since it is detected by GPS.

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