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The best free APPS to get around: Munich

Munich It is a modern city but with a long tradition. In this destination we will find cultural offers, outdoor activities, dream destinations, expressions of Baroque and modern art, breweries and several other elements that usually define the state of Bavaria. There are so many tourist attractions of this destination that it is ideal to have support for move around Munich. Among the best free apps to move around the city we have:

mTrip. Travel guide that has editions for various destinations, including Munich, and that will allow us to organize a complete travel itinerary. Within the mTrip directory we will find ratings, comments, reviews, images and indications of how to mobilize to reach more than fifteen hundred tourist attractions in the city. mTrip uses GPS system So we can access the information offline. Finally, this free application for travelers will allow us to share images on Facebook creating travel postcards.

Tripwolf Munich. This travel guide with editions for various cities in the world, allows us to know where the station or transport service closest to our location is located since it tracks us by GPS, in addition, it has offline maps so we can mobilize without thinking in connectivity expenses. This application is available for Apple mobile devices and with Android operating system.

City Maps 2Go. Application that has maps of the main cities in the world and is available for Apple mobile devices. It will locate us on the map by GPS and will indicate the routes to follow and ways to mobilize to reach the different tourist attractions of Munich.

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