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The best free APPS to get around New York

If we have chosen the vibrant and multicultural city of NY As our next travel destination, we must have all the necessary information so as not to miss knowing the main tourist attractions of this city of U.S. When traveling to this destination we will have a series of free Apps for move around New York, so we just have to pack our bags, check in, board and prepare for a pleasant holiday. Within the main applications we have:

Zagat An ideal application if one of our travel motives is to know the gastronomy of the city beyond fast food. With Zagat we can filter the restaurants of New York by prices, type of food, customer evaluation and location.

We will visualize everything in Google Maps To be able to choose with greater precision and know the distance between the selected restaurant and our location, in addition, we can see photographs of the most popular dishes of the menu of each restaurant. The first month of using the application is free, later, we will have to pay a membership of 20 euros per month, but, if we are going to go on a tourist trip, the ideal is to use Zagat only in free version.

NY Art Beat. New York is a destination chosen by many because of its important artistic offer in museums, galleries, plays, concerts, among others. With the NY Art Beat application We will have knowledge of all the events related to art that are taking place in the city during our trip, in addition, the information will be classified by neighborhoods or themes so that we can document ourselves more easily.

NYCMate. Are you traveling to New York for the first time and don’t know what means of transportation to use? We can solve this problem with NYCMate. With this application we will receive information on all train and bus station and metro station schedules and locations, either by reference to our location or schedules.

Once we are within the selected means of transport, with NYCMate We will also receive information from each nearest stop and, if we do not have WiFi connection At some point, there will be no problem because the application allows you to save the information in SD memory so that we can use it without being connected to the internet.

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