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The best free APPs to get around Rome

We travel to Rome and we do not know what routes we can follow, how to reach the main tourist attractions, recommended hotels, and others, we should not worry because if we have a smartphone or a peripheral of last generation we can access the information provided by the best free apps to move around Rome, including:

Rome Travel Guide – mTrip. This application will give us information about the main attractions of Rome, restaurants, bars, shops, among others. In addition, it will allow us to create our itineraries to organize in distance and time that we will need in each route to follow. Rome Travel Guide – mTrip is available on the App Store for iPhone and iPod Touch.

Rome Curiosity Places Free. Ideal application for those looking to make less traditional routes in Rome and for those who understand that this city is much more than visiting the Navona Square, The Colosseum and Trevi Fountain. This guide is available for mobile devices with Android operating system.

Metro Roma. A complete application to not get lost in the city. With Metro Roma we will have access to all routes, itineraries, stops and others linked to the city’s metro service, in addition, we will receive information about changes in schedules and routes to follow our location point. Metro Roma is compatible with all mobile devices that have Java.

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