The best French cheeses

The french cheeses They are considered the best in the world. Especially since they are formidable as an accompaniment to the wines, also French. It is said that a French cheese makes any type of wine good.

In the french restaurants We can find a wide variety of exquisite cheeses. It almost always looks great with a red wine with body. Light reds can be correctly combined with soft cheese, such as Brie or the Camembert.

If it’s about creamy or soft cheeses, they are precise with white wines, ciders, champagne or Digging. Cheeses Roquefort or the Blues They are perfect with red wines and sweets, such as muscat. Goat cheeses combine very well with light or rosΓ© wines.
The Brie cheese It is one of the richest and softest. Its strong smell is characteristic. It is a soft cheese made of skimmed or whole cow’s milk, its crust is whitish and edible. Inside it is yellowish and it is quite creamy.

The Emmental cheese It is instead a hard cheese, made from cow’s milk, its interior is pale yellow and has large holes. It is mild in taste and very pleasant. It is usually molded into wheels.

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