The best Peñafiel wines

Peñafiel It is a Spanish municipality of Valladolid that is especially recognized for its red wines. Among them, four stand out that we cannot fail to include in our wine tasting route in this destination, they are: the red reserve, the young red wine, the aging and the great reserve.

Peñafiel wines

In this destination one of the Main tourist attractions is the visit to the wine cellars which houses and that make the wine part of the tourism and culture boom of Peñafiel.

In this municipality of Spain We will find more than one hundred wineries that we can visit, several stand out for their visits and guided tastings. We can participate in a tasting and learn about the entire process. Visiting a winery is like a trip to the soul of wine. The Peñafiel wineries It has a special charm that makes this trip even better.

The best Peñafiel wines

If before I finish our visit to Peñafiel We are left with the feeling that we should have bought more wines, nothing like visiting some of their wine bars or specialty stores. Here we will be oriented in our purchase process to make the best choice, among them are: The Wine Palace, where we will find more than eight hundred wine references and Anágora, wine shop that has more than three hundred references and is one of the most central and visited wine bars in Peñafiel.

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