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The best places in the world for whale watching

Although seeing them in movies or in water parks we can be intimidated by their size, it is unlikely that after perform a whale watching and experience this peculiar way of having contact with nature and with these enormous creatures, we are not captivated by their natural talent to perform a show with each jump.

If we want to carry out this activity, it is best to choose one of the best places in the world for whale watching:

Argentine Patagonia (Valdez Peninsula). Considered one of the best places in the world to see whales, if we travel to this southern part of Argentina we can see the southern right whale (one of the largest in the world) in a show worth seeing by the whole family. During the mating and reproduction period we can see the whales through the services provided by the boats of authorized tourism agencies.

New Zealand. In this destination we will regularly find a tour service of several days (an average of ten days) that will take us by sea to the best places in New Zealand to watch whales, being recommended to travel in the months of June and July.

Gorgona Island in Colombia. Between the months of June to September it is ideal to travel to this destination if we are looking to have a whale sighting.

The Azores Islands. In the surroundings of the Azores Islands there are almost thirty different species of whales that we can visualize in the sighting. Apart from the impressive natural landscapes that this place has, we will also be surprised by the diversity of flora, fauna and species of whales that live here and that are threatened with extinction.

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