The best restaurants in Paris

Apart from being a great tourist destination, Paris It has an excellent variety of gastronomy which is disclosed in the variety of restaurants What’s in town. This way tourists can enjoy a wide variety of food.

paris restaurants

The Tour d’Argent. It has a beautiful view of the Seine River, while enjoying its delicious food dishes and great service. Located: 15-17 Quai de la Tournelle, Paris, 75005.

Paris main restaurants

Le Coude Fou. It is one of the traditional restaurants, it is one of the meeting points among tourists who want something of the city. Located: On 12, Rue du Bourg-Tibourg, the Marais.

main restaurants in paris

The Brasserie Lip. It is a mixture of the old with the current, in an incredible way. It is the best place of this type to go to taste the best. Located: At 151 Boulevard Saint-Germain, Paris, 75006.

paris la brasserie restaurants

L’Arôme. It has a very romantic atmosphere, reflects a lot of privacy for the attendees. And you can choose from the wide variety of menus they have throughout the day. Located: 8, Rue Saint-Philippe-du-Roule (Paris VIIIe); 75008

Paris's main restaurants having breakfast

Bourdonnais The menu you have is completely varied and the best that has a fixed price. This restaurant denotes a lot of elegance. Located: In 113, La Bourdonnais, in Trocadéro.

Some of these restaurants have transcended so much that they even have branches in other countries. This is the case of The Brasserie Lip.

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