The best tourist destination to discover wildlife in Africa

Versiontravel invites you to know the Best Tourist Destination to Discover the Wild Life in Africa, an ideal destination for every adventurer who wants to be part of the incredible wildlife of this immense continent!

Discover Africa

Travel to Africa To discover the interesting animal world is an experience worth enjoying and you will surely never forget. versiontravel recommends you travel to the exotic regions of Namibia (known for its incredible national parks and the famous Namibia desert) where you will find the most incredible natural parks, such as the β€œEtosha National Park”One of the largest in all of Africa gathering the highest concentration of species, the great African elephants and the incomparable black rhinos one of the most exotic species in danger of extinction. Surely you will have seen a lot of incredible photographs that describe the natural beauty of this place, as the vast majority of popular magazines and photographers go to the troughs to photograph the great herds in the dry season being the most visited time that runs from the months of May to September with more moderate temperatures.

National Parks of Africa

Also the Etosha National Park It is the ideal opportunity to discover it for yourself without a guide, renting a 4 Γ— 4 vehicle or if you want to go safer and more comfortable, the Etosha National Park offers three luxury camping areas to stay, with swimming pools, great variety of modern amenities and also have the services of expert guides.

Wild Life in Africa

The prices of the packages to enjoy the stay with included tours range between 120 and 180 euros for a family package of four people with breakfast included.

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