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The center of France

The center of paris, is also known as Pompidou Center, where the National Center of Art and Culture Georges Pompidou.

center of paris

The designers of the center were Renzo Piano Y Richard Rogers, said building has a block shape, whose interior structure such as stairs, pipes and others, can be easily observed from outside the building.

center of paris the surroundings

The Pompidou It is very bright, that facilitates the exhibition of works of art. For this, one of the designers, Renzo Piano was devised to place a false ceiling that covers over each work of art, part of the building, since the tubes are exposed to everyone’s sight, it also usually attracts a lot of attention.

Paris center overlooking Montmartre

Inside, a color language is also used, depending on the facilities, such as the color red in stairs and elevators, the color blue in everything with respect to the plumbing, the color yellow with electricity and the white with the air zones.

A sample of the Pompidou Center from the outside.

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