The Delta Air Lines phone number in each country

Delta Air Lines (popularly written Delta Airlines) is an airline based in the United States that operates in more than seventy countries. If you need to contact this airline, here you will find the phone number to which you should go.

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Reservations and help

If you want to book a new flight or manage any aspect of a reservation already made, you should contact one of these phones, depending on the country in which you are:

Argentina0800 666 0133
Brazil0800 761 0035
Chile800 202 020
Colombia01 800 956 1035
Ecuador1800 101 060
Spain913 75 41 46
Guyana1800 862 3456

Honduras (San Pedru Sula)

2550 1616
Honduras (Tegucigalpa)2234 9432
Honduras (rest)800 2791 9326
Italy02 3859 1451
Mexico01800 266 0046
Lima Peru)211 9 211
Peru (rest)0800 43210
Dominican Republic809 200 9191
Uruguay0004 056 33
Venezuela Caracas)958 1000
Venezuela (rest)0800 100 3453

Also, if you call from the United States, Canada or Puerto Rico, there are several phone numbers available. If you are looking for online help you should call 888 750 3284. For the sale of domestic flights, there are two phones: 800 221 1212 and 404 765 5000.

Similarly, to buy an international flight you can call 800 241 4141 or 404 765 5000. On the other hand, if you want to be served in Spanish, you should dial 800 511 9629.

Customer Support

For people who want to contact Delta Air Lines to make a complaint about their trip or have any comments to contribute, the phone number to which they have to go is the following:

  • In Spain the 800 000 142 is available (the office is in France). The opening hours are Monday through Friday from 08:00 to 20:00 and Saturdays from 09:00 to 17:30.
  • Unfortunately, no telephone is available for Central and South America, except for Brazil, where you can call 0800 056 2599.
  • As for the United States, Dominican Republic and Canada, you can contact 1800 455 2720, which they serve from Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 21:00 (Saturdays, Sundays and holidays of the United States is closed).


Delta Air Lines has a loyalty program called Skymiles, with which you can earn miles for each trip hired to get free or cheaper flights. If you are a member of Skymiles and want to contact this program, you should call the phone number that corresponds to your country:

Argentina0800 333 0224
Belize0800 200 2795
Chile800 332 121
Colombia01800 956 1051
Costa Rica0800 056 2003
Ecuador01800 101 090
The Savior800 6007 2275 9293
Spain91 2718164
Guatemala1800 300 0005
Honduras800 2791 9000
Italy004 143 557 9145
Mexico01800 1234 782 or 5279 0940
Nicaragua001800 226 0237 254 137
Panama00800 560 0043
Peru0800 50874 or 511 211 9212
Dominican Republic1800 751 2751
Uruguay00 405 659
Venezuela0800 100 3455

As for the United States, Puerto Rico and Canada, Skymiles's telephone number is 1800 323 2323.

Other contacts

Delta Air Lines has some specific services, such as Delta Cargo, which offers to transport animals or objects. To speak by phone with this department, the 24-hour telephone number is 1800 352 2746 (United States).

You should keep in mind that some of the phones are international, so the cost of the call may be higher than normal.

Therefore, you can also choose to contact this airline by email. To do this, you can fill out the form on its official website by clicking in this link.

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