The Ferry to Morocco

Not only can you access Morocco by air, another common way to get to this country is through the ferry. This medium offers several advantages, such as being able to take our own vehicle for a small fee. This service also stands out for its punctuality in travel. It is an exotic journey with high speed and low cost compared to airplanes. It is the most popular medium.

The ferry

You can take a ferry toward Morocco from different points. One of the most used is Tangier. It is necessary to take into account the type of service when choosing because there are those of the β€˜fast’ type that even take us to the destination in less than an hour.

The Ferry to Morocco

If we start from the city of Algeciras, we can take a normal journey for about two and a half hours until we reach Africa. With the fast service, we would arrive in 40 minutes.

The Ferry to Morocco traveling

The cities of Malaga, Almeria, and the destinations of Ceuta, Melilla and Nador.

Climbing the ferry to Morocco.

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