The Fiestas in Spain

Spain is one of the countries with the largest number of festivities, whether folk, religious or playful. It will be difficult for at least one of them not to catch you.

San Fermin races

Worldwide known are The Fallas of Valencia, the Sanfermines of Pamplona, the Tomatina de Buñol, the April Fair in Seville and the Tenerife carnivals. You will find in them visitors from all over the world.

Fallas in Valencia

The Easter week It is also disseminated by all Spanish peoples and is internationally recognized, especially those of Seville and Zamora.

Of course the great National holiday Spanish are the Bulls. Cover of controversies and followers in equal parts. We can highlight the bullfighting festivals of the San Isidro Fair from Madrid and the Goyesca Cumshot of Ronda. The best known places can be The Maestranza of Seville or Madrid Sales, but each town has its own with its festival. You will also find bulls in all the festivities of all the villages, in the form of bullfights, cuts, bulls to the street, embolaos, bulls to the sea….and more! The bull is always present.

The Moors and Christians of Alcoy They are an unavoidable event. It is the oldest celebration in Spain, with more than 300 years of tradition and was declared International Interest Party. Other minors are held throughout the summer on the entire Mediterranean coast.

Moors and Christians

He Flemish Andalusia is another of the most attractive popular manifestations in our visit to Spain.
But of course there are parties for everyone and you will surely have a wonderful time at any of them.

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