The Five Graces Hotel

An elegant touch of the Middle East with the Old West makes The Five Graces Hotel (The 5 Graces) a beautiful resting point and colonial exoticism in the heart of Santa Fe.

Avanry, Santa Fe

The special decoration that the owners have given to the Five Graces hotel, is the main charm of Santa Fe. With old adobe walls, twenty rooms equipped with beauties built of river stone, green gardens and wide corridors offer their views to each one of the rooms of the hotel, each decorated differently in an ancient, exotic and luxurious environment that will make each one look as if you were living in a deep Persian dream in the style of Shahrazad, with darkened wooden ceilings, ancient and Mystics catches dreams, Native American crafts and beautiful Hindu folders at the foot of the inviting beds.

The Five Graces

The Five Graces Hotel (The Five Graces) has lately become the resting destination chosen by couples who travel to Santa Fe, for its luxurious facilities that transport the traveler to another time, while they go to rest after a long walk to enjoy a Cold margarita in its comfortable Persian seats.

Five Graces Cafe

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