The gastronomic routes

Definition of gastronomic tourism

Many are the tourist hobbies of a region that move the restlessness and interest of the traveler, knowing new worlds, different cultures, discovering new horizons, living experiences, etc. I have here the birth of “The Routes”.

The Routes mark the route through several regions, through several of the points of interest that the traveler marks on their map … today we present an exquisite gastronomic routes where the main objective is to taste the pleasures of typical foods and exotic foods of Several countries, regions or towns.

The outline and delimitation of a gastronomic route is often compromised by the reason that gastronomy has no borders, and also that the original traditions and cultures in today’s food have already been lost, so many times the best is to define courses that take us along towns or small regions, where traditions are still lived and their culture still remains alive.

We encourage you to plan a tour of those places where culinary delight represents a challenge to imagination and creativity, in addition to reading our publications about some of our proposals.

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