The Island of Sculptures – Pontevedra

In the Lérez river walk, the Island of Xunqueira del Lérez, known as the Sculpture Island, since 1999 it has been transformed into the largest open-air museum in Galicia. This innovative space within the city of Pontevedra, on a river island where the tides arrive, it is on the last stretch of the Lérez, in the junqueras, a protected space, declared LIC (Place of Community Interest) and included in the Natura 2000 Network.

It houses a permanent public exhibition, which exposes 12 artistic installations. These works of art were made by internationally renowned artists who took as their central theme the granite of Galicia and the relationship of man with his surroundings.

The access is through the bridges and the pedestrian walkway that cross the Lérez river and immerse us in a landscape of eucalyptus and art. They are 7 hectares where the riverside vegetation and the aquatic fauna among which we will find swans, ducks and carps intermingle with the works and invite us to the walk, the sport or the contemplation.

It has been the first permanent outdoor art space in Spain and has become a model copied in the rest of the country.

The entrance is free. The entrance is located a few meters from the Culture Pazo from Pontevedra.

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