“The Land of Cheese” – Asturias, Spain

A rather interesting and unique nickname is the one that captures the administration of every adventurer who travels to reach the beautiful north side of Spain, in search of “The Land of Cheese

Austrias Photography

Asturias Photography

Spain is undoubtedly one of the favorite tourist destinations for millions of travelers who visit year after year, many in search of its sunny summer beaches, others who seek to find in their northern lands the meaning or lighting that one day I guide great pilgrims in history. Whatever your reason for visiting, we recommend that you fear some time to wander around “Asturias”, Better known as“ The Land of Cheese ”.

Cheese Making in Austrias, Spain

Cheese Making in Asturias, Spain

Asturias, is one of those corners of the green Spanish headland, which has gained popularity in the steps of history, thanks to the uniqueness of its inhabitants who have taken advantage of the thousands of caves that are in the territory to create delicious cheeses. In the photographs you can appreciate the detail and dedication with which these characters make this fine “Spanish gastronomy

Image of Austrias Cheese, Spain

Image of Asturias Cheese, Spain

So next time you make a trip to Spain, try to reach Asturias, and taste the famous “Cabrales cheese“, accompanied by an exquisite glass of sheep’s milk.

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