The lion: the king of the safari

In the depth of the African jungle Lions live natively.

Known under the scientific name of Panthera leo, the lion is among the felines the largest in dimensions (after the Siberian Tiger).

lion safari

Its measurements vary close to 3 meters long and its weight can reach 270 kg.

Females and males are visibly differentiated by the mane that is in abundant male lions and a somewhat darker color than the rest of the fur.

His family is divided in social terms into two categories: females that are dedicated to raising baby lions and hunting, and lions, whose main function is to protect the herd.

Can be found effectively lions in africa but in remote times they inhabited part of Europe and Asia. Today they can be seen in their natural habitat through the safari tours offered in the African region, where lions live scattered in packs.

safari lions

These cats can live between 15 and 25 years depending on whether they live in their natural environment or in captivity, in which case reproduction is usually more difficult.

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