The National Museum of Natural Sciences of Spain

Established in 1772 by Carlos III As the Royal Cabinet of Natural History. Part of the collection that this museum has is thanks to the donations from Pedro F. Dávila, a merchant cult of Guayaquil. In 1815 he is named Royal Museum of Natural Sciences. In 1887 he settled in the Palace of Industry and Fine Arts.

Since 1913 he holds the current denomination. Inside, the museum focuses on research, description and conservation of biological and geological diversity around the world, for which it has five specialized departments.


Its main function is the dissemination of natural sciences and in the development of didactic aspects through publications and exhibitions. The meeting point for research studies is Madrid.


When you visit it you will be able to know some historical specimens such as the megatery, the diplodoco, dioramas of birds and mammals, natural history museum, room dedicated to the Mediterranean Sea and room where the most emblematic historical pieces of the museum meet.


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