The new bird.

After such a long time, the new long-awaited journey from Madrid – Barcelona has been launched, this morning has been carried out at 6:00 am very punctual, the journey lasted only 158 minutes.

The inaugural train has completed the journey with great success and it has also arrived five minutes before, yes, there were not many passengers, there were only 160, perhaps by the time chosen for the inauguration.
bird train

The AVE goes from the center of Madrid, leaves the Atocha station, and arrives in the center of Barcelona, ​​it must also be said that they already wanted to see this train since it has come very late with respect to the date on which they said It was going to open.

But after quite some time there is already a train in which it travels 659 kilometers and does it in a time of twice less than the trains that until now made this route.

A total of 34 trains will communicate the two cities, of these 34 trips, 15 go direct the rest makes stops in Zaragoza, Lleida and Camp de Tarragona, this tour lasts three hours and twenty-four minutes.

The price is between 40 and 120 euros depending on the ticket you choose
bird prices

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