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The Old Berlin Wall

One of the representative human works of long years history, culture and avant-garde, still keeps some of its remains in the impressive capital city of the German kingdom, in Berlin where the Old Berlin Wall.

The Old Berlin Wall, Travel to Germany

In this holiday season, if you are looking to escape from the warm beaches of southern Spain, then recommends you, Trips to Germany, an impressive modernist city, which brings in your heart long years of European history, and to discover that better Than visit the Old Berlin Wall! Better known as “Berliner Mauer” in German, which is part of what was once the intra-German border, formed on August 13, 1961, extending until November 9, 89 when the separation of West Berlin, the Republic German Federal and Democratic Berlin, managed to demolish this intralimitation, which extended for more than 45 kilometers!

Photographs of the Berlin Wall

So on arrival, you you can rent a bicycle, near the Old Berlin Wall, and start touring it, discovering what today is the expression of several avant-garde artistic works, as you can see in the photo.

Photos of the Berlin Wall

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