The Tourism of the Mystery

Well, as we have always said in our stories and travels, there is everything in the world for everyone. From what we understand that there is great variety for all tastes, such as the new range of trips and tour packages that are rising today.


Those who are in search of always enjoying doing something different, enjoy new experiences, feel the adrenaline rush through their veins, we propose the new concept of tourism where visiting places enchanting you with mysterious stories and past, form the essential part, Tourism of the Mystery.

One of the most booming countries in this new branch is Scotland. In its capital, for example, Edinburgh, thousands of fanatical tourists gather for the well-known soul hunt which is a popular and well organized tourist hobby, which consists of a night tour along an entire underground street, where Haunted castles and hotels are visited in which guests and visitors claim to be altered by presences not typical of this present world.

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Throughout Europe, tour packages are offered that run through ancient castles that give way to chilling scenarios, others are already fine and renovated hotels where you can enjoy hundreds of daily activities during the day and mystical stories at night.

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