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Tips, documentation and requirements to travel to France

If we are citizens of the European Union or of the countries that have signed a special agreement with this destination, we will not need to apply for a visa to travel to France and we can stay for tourists in this country for a maximum of ninety days.

Visa procedure

If we are not citizens of the aforementioned destinations, we will have to apply for a visa, it is important to indicate that we cannot change the type of visa requested, that is, if we require a short-stay visa we will not be able to later request that we extend the stay time or we cannot study if our visa is for work and vice versa. For any change we will have to return to our country and start the procedures from scratch.

Visa types

In France we have the following visa options:

Short stay, with a maximum of three months and valid for all countries of the Schengen area.
Long stay, for a period not exceeding six months and only under the condition of visit that indicates, be it work, studies, visit, tourism, etc.
Short stay for student exam, when we must travel to France to give an exam that determines our entrance to a study center.
Traffic, a valid visa for an average of five years and that allows us to be in France for at least six months each year.

For apply for a visa we will have to have a valid passport, have acquired medical insurance, have documents that prove our financial solvency, and have proof of application to the study center if we are applying for a study visa.

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