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Tips, documentation and requirements to travel to Greece

If our next travel destination is Greece, we will not need to process a visa (if our stay will be a maximum of ninety days) if we are citizens of the United States, Canada and the European Union. It is important to note that although we will not need a visa if we must purchase travel insurance.

Visa to Greece

If we do not have the aforementioned citizenships, we must present the following documents at the Consulate of Greece of our country: application form, valid passport, passport-size photograph, documents that support our economic income and savings, airline ticket reservations, accommodation , tours and pay visa consular fees. The response process lasts an average of six days.

Visa types

For a investment or business trip we will have to process a special visa that will allow us to carry out economic activities (ranging from attending work meetings to registering the creation of a business) if we are not citizens of the EU, Canada and the USA. Since we can do these activities without having this visa.

For work visa, all persons wishing to work in Greece must process a permit regardless of nationality.

This permit will be regulated by the Ministry of Labor Party of Greece and we must have a sponsor to support our job application. The same for a study visa since we must have the admission letter from the center to which we have applied.

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