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Tips, documentation and requirements to travel to Malaysia

If our trip to Malaysia is not going to exceed ninety days of travel, in most cases we will not have to apply for a special visa either for studies, work or business. What we have to tell when going through migrations at the airport, is with money or credit cards that support our travel expenses and a round-trip plane or boat ticket.

travel to Malaysia

Requirements to travel to Malaysia

We must also have a valid passport that has at least four free pages and is valid for at least six months from the moment we enter Malaysia.

What happens if we have lost our passport or if we do not have a travel document? In this case, we will have to process a valid document at the Malaysian Representative Office and show that if we have a safe-conduct, travel document or others, we will return to their country of origin.

Travel to Malaysia

Restrictions for traveling to Malaysia

It is important to indicate that the Malaysian Government has a series of restrictions on entering their country in some special cases, including: the entry of women with more than six months of pregnancy is prohibited – unless they are only transit through the country. country-; and, all those who are citizens of Montenegro, Serbia and Israel will have to request a special approval from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to have a visa that justifies their visit for a special reason.

Vaccines to travel to Malaysia

In relation to vaccination, there are no mandatory vaccines to travel to this Asian destination, however, vaccines against hepatitis (A and B), tetanus, typhoid fever, Japanese encephalitis and malaria are recommended.

requirements to travel to Malaysia

In the case of dengue, it is not usually included in the list of recommended vaccines but it is important to know that in recent years the cases have increased due to the proliferation of mosquitoes so we can include this vaccine in prevention measures (let's not forget Always carry our vaccination card with us, it is ideal to have it with your passport).

Security in Malaysia

Malaysia is an ideal tourist destination for those looking for natural and modern spaces in a single destination, however, it is important to indicate that it is not very safe, and that in recent years it has become a center of internet scams.

It is not recommended to hire tour packages or offers without verifying the existence and authenticity of the company, the same for the purchase of airline tickets.

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