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Tips, documentation and requirements to travel to Poland

To travel to Poland we will not need a visa if we are members of the European Union, it will be enough to have our valid passport or identity document.

In the same way, all citizens of non-EU countries but who have a Schengen visa granted by an EU country or a residence permit, may travel to Poland without prior processing and provided that the stay does not exceed The ninety days.

Visa to Poland

If we do not have any of the aforementioned documents, we must process a tourist, business, study or family visit visa.

For the procedure we will need: valid passport and with an age less than ten years; pay the consular application fee; two passport-sized color photos; health insurance; round trip air ticket reservation; documents that support our economic solvency; letter of introduction from the employer; payment slips; Photocopy of the DNI and the application form.

Visa types

In case of applying for a tourist visa, we must present the itinerary of the tour purchased at a travel agency and in case of traveling for business we will have to attach the invitation letter of the company that we will visit in Poland (with the company and company data the people responsible for our visit).

In this corporate letter, the company must indicate whether they will be responsible for our expenses during the stay and the exact days of permanence.

If we are going to visit a family member, it is advisable to process an invitation letter. This document must be processed in Poland and must include a letter addressed to the consultant indicating the link they have with us.

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