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Tips, documentation and requirements to travel to Vietnam

If we are citizens of Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Philippines, South Korea, Japan and Russia, we do not need to apply for a visa to travel to Vietnam, while citizens of other countries must complete the procedure and for this They have two options: apply for a visa at the Vietnam Consulate or apply for a visa when arriving at the Vietnam airport.

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Arrival Visa

This type of visa is obtained at the airports of Vietnam and to request it we must present to the Immigration Officer at the airport, a passport with a minimum validity of 180 days, two passport-sized photos, the entry and exit form and the ticket to have Official sealing fee canceled (This can be canceled by Paypal, Onepay, Wester Union or bank transfer and only in US dollars)

Visa types to Vietnam

Depending on the reason for travel we can choose three types of visa: Tourist visa, with a maximum validity of one month; business visa, with a maximum validity of three months and a visa for other reasons, with a maximum validity of three months.


Once the type of visa of the first group has been chosen, we will have to see which of the following alternatives is our application, according to the amount of income that we will have to the country: visa with a single entry, multiple entry visa, visa with only one entry in three months and multiple entry visa in three months.

Tips for traveling to Vietnam

Before traveling to this Southeast Asian destination it is important to keep in mind that your official currency is the Vietnamese dong and since it is almost impossible to buy this currency outside the country, the ideal is to travel to Vietnam with American dollars and credit cards. If we are fond of shopping, this destination is ideal because being very close to China we will find thousands of products at prices below the regular market price, especially in Vietnamese markets.

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About the weather we should know that it is a tropical country but with a humid climate, with its temperatures lower than an average of fifteen degrees Celsius, so we must have summer clothes and also a raincoat and some warm clothes because of the rains unforeseen

Finally, it is important to indicate that the Vietnam train is not a recommended means of transport, it is best to travel by plane – for long distances – and by minibus to move between cities. Within cities we can mobilize on foot or by taxi.

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